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“The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed” Bantu Steve Biko

  • First step: mind destruction. This is the main element which enables domination to last long. Without that, domination ends up collapsing sooner or later.
  • Second step: submission by force. It can be an initiating element but, alone, it does not enable a continuous domination.
  • Third step: economic domination. That is the final goal but it can exist only if the first two steps are correctly implemented.

The main step of domination is the mind destruction and this is the issue we are going to tackle.

What does mind destruction consist in?

To begin and especially to have the domination over Africans last long after submitting them by war, it was necessary to negate whatever could make them proud. Only pride enables to durably resist domination. What makes people proud is their identity. If you destroy that identity, you kill pride, then the resistance mindset. People’s identity includes their history, culture, religion, language. Europeans and Arabs managed to falsify and destroy these elements.

The fundamental thing that these two imperialist powers did was to convert Africans to their religions. Africans, with their tendency to see goodness in every human being couldn’t suspect such intention.

Thus, since Jesus the White man is the son of God, then God is White and all White people are divine beings. If Mohamed the Arab is the Prophet, then God unconsciously becomes Arab and Arab people are therefore perceived as a divine people.

By changing the image of God – who was initially Black in the African mindset – Europeans and Arabs erected themselves as the exclusive holders of the universal and divine truth. They authority appeared therefore natural and indisputable.

Now converted, the African will religiously believe the European and Arab who respectively tell him that that his color is maleficent and that his culture is satanic. He will listen to those strangers, who have allowed him to access the ”true” God, telling him he does not have any history , that he has been a slave since the beginning of the time, that his ancestors’ God is evil, that his languages are dialects. He will listen to them telling him that they are the ones who made him human, that without them he is nothing. That’s it! Identity gets destroyed; inferiority complex and inoffensive mindset take place and become deep rooted. The African swears allegiance to the East and the West to the detriment of Africa. He will work for the foreigners’ interests.

At this stage, he is already ill. He is suffering from a disease affecting his mind, the illness of the colonized. An illness inoculated by the occupant that makes him Black outside but European or Arab inside. Such psychiatric illness is called Alienation. Having accepted that he is maleficent and inferior, he therefore has to escape his nature, he has to get from it all, he has to run away from himself, he has to cease to be Black.

“For the Black, there is only one destiny. And it is white” Frantz Fanon.

The African will therefore commit a cultural assassination. He will get into an automatic mode of destruction. Thus he will bear an Arab or European name, forbid his children to speak his language. He will insult his own ancestors, those pagans and savages who do not know the “true” God, who did not bring anything to humanity. Everything must disappear. He will reject Africa, have his hair relaxed, bleach his skin, and manage to whiten his descendants. He will invent new European or Arab ancestors to himself, or consider his 1/10 representing his Arab or European side as divine. Westernization, Arabization and half-breeding are becoming, from the elite to the people, the way of thinking of a society unconsciously condemned to commit suicide; a society that thinks about getting rid of its identity millstone to enter into modernity. Everything must disappear.

From that moment, the African assumes the fact that to escape his inferiority, he needs Europeans or Arabs, and he cannot live without them. At the sight of every White man, submission reflexes explode. He foolishly smiles, stammers, changes his accent, adopts a gesture of submission. He will cry when France gets defeated at a football competition, consider the liberation of Palestine as the fight of his life. For every wrong that Europeans will cause him, he will call for forgiveness, universal reconciliation in the name of Jesus-Christ, strong close-eyed and hands up singing Amazing Grace.

When Arabs and their allies will take over his land, he will say that it’s a dispute among brothers. As a weak person, he would like to negotiate. With all his savings gathered, he will go Mecca to pray for peace, by the way enriching the Saudi Office of Tourism under the eyes of Arabs who generally despise him. The perceptiveness about the enemy’s nature and intentions, the resistance mindset are considerably annihilated. Therefore, Europeans and Arabs can move to the third stage which has been the goal from the beginning: the economic exploitation of Africa.

“Every idea, every so-called religion (which was introduced in this Continent) was meant to dominate and control. Europeans don’t delude themselves about that. The Arabs have no illusion about it. the Europeans have bo illusion about it. You are the ones with the illusions » John Henrik Clarke

The imperialism of these two powers – 1400 years for Arabs and 500 years for Europeans – consists of Arab slave trade, European slave trade, European colonialism, European neocolonialism and Arab imperialism. Over 500 years, Africa has lost between 473 and 673 million human lives and has moved from the status of the richest continent to the one of the poorest continent in the world. Africa has completely forgotten that She civilized humanity and virtually does not understand her culture anymore. European neocolonialism which seizes Africa’s riches is verging on Arab Imperialism. After extending their influence to the whole northern Africa which was initially Black, Arabs and their allies have taken over Western Sahara, Sudan, Mauritania and maybe soon the northern part of Mali. Finally, it’s the whole African continent which – smoothly but surely – will be taken over by Arabs if nothing is done.

Africa, cradle of humankind; Great Africa, cradle of civilization, who civilized Asia, Europe and who built up civilizations in ancient America, is fading away! Kama (Africa), Kama of the Pharaohs, the Candaces, Mutota, Behanzin is losing. There is a war and we are dying. We are at war!

The disastrous poverty and insecurity of Africa and Africans demands, in that case, a discussion of every resort supporting the economic domination. On our side, we are going to tackle what Ivan Van Sertima calls the “nuclear bombing on the African’s mind”

“Cultural imperialism is the safety screw of economic imperialism. Destroying the fundaments of the first one, is therefore contributing to the suppression of the second one.” Cheick Anta Diop.

Our contribution

In the liberating aim of the Federal State of Africa, Lisapo ya Kama which means African history in Lingala proposes contributing to heal the Black from Africa, the Malagasy, and the African of the Americas from his alienation. We want to teach him how to love and respect himself. We want to rebuild him as an entire, normal and capable Being. And this, through the following steps:

  • Equipping him with historical truths and destroying the inferiority complex that paralyzes him
  • Rising him to his status of the heir to the people who civilized humankind
  • Renewing him as an authentic African in cultural, religious and linguistic terms
  • Releasing completely his buried ability to build and create
  • Endowing him with the ideology of liberation: Pan Africanism & Afrocentricity
  • Educating him on the serious problems faced by the Black world
  • Analyzing these problems with him from an African point view
  • Sharing and discussing the solutions that we propose to mitigate these problems.


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