Pat Robertson a very famous European-American pastor, close to the American right-wing has been enriched for years through exploiting financially Christians in the name of God. He has networks of churches throughout the world (including Africa). He is no longer active, but he confessed not to believe in God and to become a pastor only to do business and fill his pockets. This man told on an American television channel which he owns, after the powerful earthquake that ravaged Haiti in 2010, an old baseless legend that has long run on the history of Haiti, namely that black slaves who had made the cayman ceremony (ancestral spirituality) and the liberation struggle in Haiti (Toussaint Louverture, Dessalines etc …) by invoking the God of their ancestors to free themselves from slavery, had made a « pact with the devil « to free themselves from slavery, and that this earthquake of 2010 a7nd ever since all the problems of Haiti have been the result of the « punishment and divine sanction « of the creator on Haiti.