Christian Fresco depicting the biblical episode of the temptation of Jesus by the devil in the desert. Christ is seen as an envoy or a messiah who is represented in white (as pure and holy) and the agent of the evil, the devil, is black. When we look closely we see that this devil is even dressed in the way the Blacks dress because of the warmth and temperature in Africa ( bare chested, etc…) Christ is clothed as a Roman or Greek citizen (therefore European). One can see such frescoes (white god, black devil) in many churches in Africa and even outside Africa. These images seem to go unnoticed, but they play a role on the psychology and the mind. Thus, when entering a church, a white man easily recognizes his features and color in the divine images of Jesus, Mary, etc. As for the Black Christian when he looks at the official portraits of Jesus or Mary in the churches, He knows in his heart that these divine images do not resemble him, and is unwilingly obligated to recognize his image (demonic image) in the features of the devil since the devil sometimes has the same color as him. When the revealed religions speak of the demon or the devil, he is actually pictured under the traits of the black man.