Omo 1, the first modern man

Omo 1’s fossil, the first man
Omo 1’s fossil, the first man

Here above we can see the skull of the oldest Nti Sia (modern man). He is the first human being like you and me. He was named Ome 1 and he is almost 200 000 years old. He was found by the British paleo-anthropologist Louis Leakey in Kibish in the valley of Omo in the south of Ethiopia, close to Soudan and Kenya. So this is in the region of the Great Lakes; reason why this region represents the holy land in the African spirituality. The ancient Africans knew that humanity was born in that region.

omo 1Unlike the previous hominids, the Omo 1 has a forehead – what allows him to plan, and what makes him a modern man. As you can see, his jawbone is forward. This type of feature called prognathism is specific to Blacks. So, those are the first men, Black men and women who would leave Africa to settle all around the world. The first modern men fossil found out of Africa, was found 100 000 years ago in the Middle-East in the region of Qafzeh.  

(*) ‘Nti Sia’ is an ancient Egyptian language definition which means ‘Man of knowledge or modern man). Nti = Human ; Sia = Knowledge.

By: Lisapo ya Kama

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